About RWP

No rules, no clear purpose, no need for long-winded explanations.

We have liberated some select stories from WBUR’s news page and brought them to this online space where we have garnished the rich audio with photographs and/or video.

The result: A veritable public radio multimedia smorgasbord!

Please give us your feedback. Comment on an individual story or tell us what you think about the concept itself.

And feel free to take our stuff. Embed our video, audio or photographs in your blog. All we ask in return is a link and acknowledgment of the source.

Ken George
WBUR New Media

Questions? e-mail me: wburnewmedia@yahoo.com

4 responses to “About RWP

  1. Great concept! To make the visual dimesnion more appealing where you don’t have video, perhaps incorporate a slide show of multiple photos?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Gary.

    And good point re: slideshow.

    Actually we got one in the works. Look for it in the coming week.

  3. I like the fact that you jumped into this idea and gave it a try. This sort of a page would be a good addition to my RSS news feed if the audio player showed up in the summary window.

  4. Thanks for the feedback Len!

    This is a bit of an experiment that hopefully will inform our development of wbur.org.

    Like the idea about the RSS news feed. Will tinker around a bit to see what is possible.

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