Jockeying For the Record Books

Frank Amonte before race., originally uploaded by WBUR.

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Frank Amonte is a Winthrop resident with a glint in his eye…and a goal he refuses to relinquish.

The 72-year-old wants to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “oldest jockey to win a thoroughbred horse race.”

WBUR’s Producer Sarah Bush went to Suffolk Downs to see him race for the record. She brings us this audio portrait of Frank Amonte…who’s 5-feet-2 inches tall, 116 pounds, and larger than life.


One response to “Jockeying For the Record Books

  1. did anyone every check this jockey back ground he used a electric whip on a horse @ the big a in the 60s spend ten year in jail for robbery with a toy gun

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